10 Most Powerful People of the World in 2012

Power has been an issue unresolved till date because it’s power that we run after that can be in any form or shape. Powerful people do have an influence over the affairs of the world which means that the world takes dictation from them. Dictators are, in my words, the most powerful people for their ability to rule without popular vote from public. Dictatorial regimes are now back in huts and the most powerful dictators have vanished away so the place is open for popular people to be called powerful people in the world. The balance of power is the term that is used to stabilize the world and these are the influential characters to make world run properly. Let’s have a look at the most powerful people in the world.

10. Ben Bernanke

His worth can not just can be calculated on the base of Time Person of the Year Award in 2009. He taught economics at tow top level universities of Unites States but gained more power with his indulgence in state affairs. The most powerful economist of the world is no one else Ben Bernanke.

9. David Cameron

Prime Minister of England from Conservative Party is one of the most influential people of the world. The issue with Scotland is the major task for him as an article in Guardian makes full debate on the power of David Cameron to dictate terms to Scotland. This very thing can bring change in his position in world’s most powerful people.

8. Mark Zuckerberg

Rusticated from Harvard University, Mark Zuckerberg, did something really extraordinary to unite the youth at one platform which he called Facebook. It was revenge or ambition of Zuckerberg but he moved the world according to his desires at such an early age. His influence on the world can be imagined by usage of his social networking site which is next to Google with popularity and the best social networking site.

7. Pope Benedict XVI

No person is more popular than Pope Benedict XVI when it comes to religion and followers. Christians from all over the world listen to him and follow him but when it comes to Islamic world his name is heard with hatred.

6. Vladimir Putin

This man has been frequently seen playing judo and doing such type of things that are not thought of any President of the world but he does with great passion which has earned him black belt title. Black belt holder President of Russia is not included in this list due to his abilities in game but the game of politics takes him to this list.

5. Angela Merkel

The only lady to make the list is Angela Merkel. Since November, 2005 she has been serving as Chancellor of Germany which is a crucial seat in terms of Europe. She is a popular figure and her popularity in France is more than the popularity of President of France.

4. Abdullah bin Abdul-Aziz Al Saud

Some might say that he is just king of Saudia but he is not just king. He is an influential personality in Muslim world and custodian of Holy Kaaba which is an honour for any Muslim. The making of common market for all Arab nations is result of this Saudi King.

3. Bill Gates

A self-made man who has earned fame along with billions of dollars and now his age and number of billions are equal. He had an honour to be the richest man of the world. Like Zuckerberg, he too was dropped out of university rolls from same university and the world got same result.

2. Hu Jintao

We have another President for this list of powerful people. It seems that rulers are the most influential people so is this President from People’s Republic of China. Behind him is the power of people of China that earns him a place in the list of powerful individuals.

1. Barack Obama

Mr. President of world’s super power is the most powerful individual in 2012.  Barack Obama is the 44th individual to hold the office of President of United States. President of the most powerful nation topped the list of the most powerful people of the world.

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4 Responses to “10 Most Powerful People of the World in 2012”

  1. umar says:

    Worth reading, i loved it.

  2. Adam says:

    It is absolutely an illusion of what the most powerful people list presented here. Even if the power is determined and decided based upon political and economic factors the higher the ranking is, the most troubled state of affairs, these ‘leaders’ and personalities have.

    For example Obama; his country USA is number one in external debt
    United States total debt = 15,570,789,000,000 as of 22 March 2012

  3. shine says:

    where is Indian leader Dear……………….

  4. Zach says:

    Even if the US is in a large amount of debt, its military and economic strength still surpasses every other country. The US has 14 trillion in purchasing power.

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