Top 10 All Time Assault Rifles of the World

Human life changed its course of line after the spread of Industrial revolution. The destiny of human race acquired a new concept of dealing with up-coming demands of society. The age of machines started with new zeal and determination. After gradual passage of time, think tanks started working on making machine guns and assault rifles. Assault rifles became an important source for the defense of the territory of the nations across the globe. Let us take you to the race of top ten classic and fabulous assault rifles of all times.

10. Mosin-Nagant


A Russian made rifle which has an honour of having long period of serving the nations across the world. It was made in 1891 and its most important feature is that it is still in service. It was used in many wars. Its weight is 4kg with effective range of 500 meters.

9. Sturmgewehr 44


STG 44 was used by Germans during World War 2. It remained in service for 2 years from 1943 to 1945. It had a nice shape with weight 4.62 kg. It had the capacity of firing 550 rounds per minute with maximum range of 800 meters.

8. M-1 Garand


M-1 Garand is a riffle owned by United States of America which has a gas operated rotating bolt system and it was used in many wars. It holds 8th position in the list of assault guns.

7. Steyr AUG


An Austrian made rifle has a unique shape with a  capacity of firing 700 rounds per minute. It has been used by many countries during war. It captures 7th position in this list.

6. M-14


Among various rifles produced by United States of America, M-14 has a unique value. This rifle has an honor of being used in Vietnam War. It can fire 700 rounds per minute with 4.4 kg of weight and 22 inches of barrel length.

5. Tokarev SVT-40


A Russian made rifle has an honour of being used in Second Sino-Japanese War, Great Patriotic War, Second World War, Korean War, Vietnam War, and Cuban War is on fifth rank. It was designed in 1938. It had a weight of 3.85 kg. Its length was 1226mm and Barrel length was 625. It was common rifle used at that time of bloodshed.

4. Heckler & Koch G36


4th position is owned by Heckler & Koch G36. G36 is a selective fire operated rifle which can fire 750 cyclic rounds per minute with weight of 3.36 kg. The G36 has a conventional layout and a modular component design. It has a gas operated, rotating bolt system and this rifle is made by Germans.



German FN FAL has third position in top 10 list. It was called “The right arm of the free world” for its efficient result during cold war. It has the capacity of firing 700 rounds per minute with barrel length 5.33mm containing 4.3 kg of weight. It is also gas operated mechanism with self loading system.

2. M-16


M-16 is an assault rifle which wins 2nd rank for its light weight and easy to handle. This rifle is made by USA for the quick movement of the soldiers in the time of conflict or war. It can fire 700 rounds per minute with air-cooled, gas operated system with semi or fully automatic feature. This rifle is used in abundance during war of Vietnam. It has the body of steel with 7075 aluminum on it.

1.  Ak-47


Ak-47 is a name called in the western countries instead of Kalashnikov. Ak-47 is a Russian made rifle with capacity of firing 750 rounds per minute. This rifle is semi or full automatic in nature. It has overall length of 870mm with 415mm barrel length. Ak-47 had been and still it is manufactured in hundreds of countries across the globe. It is basically a true masterpiece of warfare which is at the top ranking in this list for its operation and ruggedness which is still in use. It contains gas operated, rotating bolt with 2 lugs. It has weight of about 3 to 4 kg with empty magazine. This gun is the best assault rifle of the world.

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4 Responses to “Top 10 All Time Assault Rifles of the World”

  1. cole says:

    the AK47 yes very widely exported and can be used by a 3 yr old this does not make it the best.

  2. Christian says:

    The mosin, garand, tokarev, m14, and fal are not assault rifles since they all use battle rifle calibers, although you have picked excellent guns but you messed up the order, for example m14 is way better then an svt 40 as it holds more rounds and is a lot more accurate.

  3. Jackson says:

    By the way the FN FAL is not german. FN Herstal is a Belgian manufacturer so it is actually Belgian

  4. Jim says:

    It would be far more accurate to name this list, “My 10 Favorite Combat Rifles”, these are all very good rifles, and each a brilliant piece of engineering with respects to the political environments and requirements within which each was designed.

    The Sturmgewehr is, in fact, the very first assault rifle, you missed this point. It was developed in-spite-of Hitler’s lack of interest, behind his back, and was about 15 years ahead of its time and ushered us into modern small arms design.

    A “Main Battle Rifle” uses a full-size rifle cartridge, used at long range (The WWI Springfield 1903A3 with its 173 grain M1 Ball 30-06 ammo, was designed for use at a nominal 500 yards, and the combat sights were calibrated out to 1000 yards) and cannot be controlled under fully-automatic fire by an average size man. An “Assault Rifle” uses a reduced capacity cartridge and is designed specifically for fully-automatic fire at close range. The M16′s cartridge is actually a varmint cartridge… yes, the M16 actually is a “rat-shooter”. The NATO 7.62 cartridge was designed to use modern powders to duplicate the 150 grain M2 30-06 cartridge, and as such, no modern NATO 7.62 rifle (ex. CETME, HK G3, FN FAL, M14, AR10) are normally used in full-auto, rendering rate of fire fairly irrelevant in any performance judgment.

    The M14 was only used for a very short time as a combat rifle due to its replacement by the M16 (in Viet Nam)… and seldom used in semi-auto mode due to the powerful muzzle-rise. The rifle and its ammo were both heavy and considered over-powered for modern infantry needs. In addition, the rifle was actually longer and more ungainly than the M1 it replaced.

    The M16 and the AK47 were two of the world’s most brilliant examples of political propaganda originating out of the cold war, you can read all about the AK47 in, “The Gun”, by New York Times writer and Pulitzer Prize winner, C.J. Chivers. Also, U.S. Dept. of Defense studies as well as independent analysis of wound ballistics by respected experts such as M.L. Fackler M.D., confirm the damage done by 7.62 X 39 projectiles as falling in-between pistol cartridges and real rifle cartridges, right there where the design dictates it should be… small hole going in / small hole coming out, like being stabbed by a big Philips screwdriver (I won’t add insult to injury by saying, “if you can actually reach and hit your target”).

    Small arms experts and consultants generally consider the Swiss Arms SG 550 family of weapons to be the finest assault rifle made. But, you’ve probably never heard of it because it is not even available as a military arm outside of Switzerland, and because it is also one of the most expensive… third world nations and countries run by despots can’t afford millions of them. AK’s are about $15 each.

    Employing the best features of the AK47, M16, and other fine arms, as well as being built according to inherent Swiss quality of craftsmanship, it is AK rugged and reliable, M16A2 accurate and deadly, and offers semi-auto, 3-round burst, AND full-auto in every unit. It requires little, easy maintenance, is a breeze to field strip, has a dual-setting short-stroke gas system, an almost-match-grade barrel, bipod, tritium night sights, and a folding stock. And every Swiss Citizen takes one home after their mandatory 2-year service in the Swiss Army… because the Swiss Army IS all of Switzerland’s citizens!

    I will refrain from comparing the Springfield 1903, Lee-Enfield, or Schmidt-Rubin K-31 rifles’ performance, dependability, or ruggedness to the Moisin-Nagant…

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