Top 10 Issues of Pakistan in 2012

Pakistan is a unique country with unique problems. People all over the world are looking forward to see Windows 8 in 2012 but Pakistanis facing such issues that require more than an effort. These issues have a lot of influence on social lives of people. These problemsare affecting the standard of life which in turn is making people more aggressive. If these issues are not resolved in time then no one can imagine the condition of Pakistan. Here is the list those issues that Pakistan will be facing in 2012.

10. Injustice


It is a famous quote that justice delayed is justice denied. There are number of cases that still pending at civil, high and supreme court level. The issue of injustice is not just limited to courts. Injustice is done in allocating resources, setting priorities, jobs and promotions. The largest province of Pakistan, Baluchistan, is an evidence of injustice.

9. Awareness


Most of Pakistanis are illiterate as well as unaware. The level of awareness can be judged by the turn out in election. Hardly, one third of the population of Pakistan casts vote which means that the government formed in this way is of one of Pakistan and two third of Pakistan does not own it.

8. Security


It is assumed all around the world that going to Pakistan is to risk life. Pakistan has faced a lot of suicide bomb attacks in recent past which has threatened the whole world in general and Pakistan in specific. Due to security reasons, no cricket playing nation agrees to send its team to play in this part of the world. In 2008, Srilankan cricket team was attacked in Lahore. After then, no international cricket was played in the grounds of Pakistan.

7. Corruption


It is a taxing job to eliminate the element of corruption from any system but certain steps should be taken to limit the level of corruption. In third world countries, corruption acts as a speed breaker in the way to progress. Corruption has a strong base in Pakistan and support from elite class. It prevails at all levels; from top to bottom. Imran Khan’s manifesto for upcoming elections also includes minimization of corruption.

6. Terrorism


The war on terror has affected Pakistan more than any other nation in the world including United States who owns it and same is the case with terrorism. In recent years, several terrorist incidents took place which resulted in the death of innocent people including children and students. It was terrorist label on Muslims which urged Shah Rukh Khan to make a movie by the name of My Name Is Khan.

5. Poverty


Unemployment and feudalism plays its role in this matter which results in several suicides. It is the matter of concern that students of Pakistan go to abroad not for study but get a decent salary. The process of wealth distribution must be rechecked so that wealth is distributed to all sections of society and country could make its way towards progress.

4. Electricity & Power


Almost all the towns and major villages have the facility of electricity but due to shortage of electricity they does not get any benefit from this facility. The matter of load shedding is of a great concern because it directly affects industry. If industry of any country is destroyed then it can not put foot on the pedal of progress. To move the wheels of any country there must be proper ways for production of electricity.

3. Gas & Oil


The issue of oil and gas is same as the issue of electricity in Pakistan. While driving on any road of Pakistan you can see gas stations with no gas. The shortage of gas and oil has disturbed daily lives of every people in one way or the other. People are unable to light stoves in the kitchen to make breakfast. What can you expect from such people?

2. Leadership


Quaid-e-Azam is no doubt a great leader but after him there is a long of politicians with no leadership qualities. It is said that Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto is next to him but he is no more with us in this world. This country really needs a leader who can lead this country in the hour of crisis and make the population of Pakistan feel proud on their nationality.

1. Education


Pakistan has a multi-layer education system. Children of nobility and elite class go to institutions like Aitchison College where as poor man can only afford to send his children to schools of government which lack all facilities expected building. Teachers of those schools are paid by government so they do not pay heed to educate others. Education must be given first priority if Pakistan is to stand in honorable nations.

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