10 Best Fruit Juices for Health

Juice can be collected from any desired fruit by squeezing it. Many brands of juices are available in market but juices can also be prepared at home if you have juicer machine with you. If you don’t have one at home then be quick to buy it because it is basic thing to have in home for your better health. We suggest you to prepare juice yourself¬† through juicer machine because it is the only confirmed way to can get pure fruit juice. Below is the list of best juices for health with benefits.

10. Grewia Juice

In extreme hot summer days, grewia juice works as thirst quenching. Grewia is produced in those¬† areas where summers are very long and hot so it’s gift of nature for them.

9. Mango Juice

In summer, the best fruit to eat is mango. Mangoes can also be used to make milkshake what is indeed a tasty thing to drink. Most of you would like to use mangoes in milkshake rather than drinking its juice.

8. Grape Juice

Grapes are full of juices and that juice is used many products like vinegar, jam and jelly. Italy produces grapes in a large quantity and if you are there you should drink grape juice instead of water. It’s just joke but drinking grape juice is a healthy activity.

7. Apple Juice

An apple must be taken daily that is what my mother says but if you drink fresh apple juice then it fulfills the need of an apple per day. You can also use Apple milkshake which makes it count double for your better health.

6. Blueberry Juice

Blueberry creates a defense against cancer and those who are fed up of using medicine to reduce belly try blueberry juice to be slim and smart.

5. Pear Juice

Pear juice limits the chances of cancer in human beings. Pear contains fiber content in it which is major reason for its effectiveness against cancer.

4. Cranberry Juice

The high percentage of Cranberries is used as juice throughout the world. Cranberry juice provides protection against bacterial diseases and kidney stone can also be treated by it.

3. Carrot Juice

If you need Vitamin A, then it will be recommended to you by all doctors. Its taste is different from other popular juices because carrots don’t have citric acid in much quantity and the color of carrot juice resembles the color of carrot.

2. Pomegranate Juice

One of the most delicious juices is of pomegranate. The reddish color of its juice resembles the color of blood which is a symbol of lowering the blood pressure.

1. Orange Juice

Get some fresh oranges and put them in juicer machine and you will get what we call it the best juice for health because it contains Vitamin C in it. The natural color of orange juice is natural but it varies depending on the quality of fruit used. Try to drink orange juice as much as you can for better health.

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