Top 10 Best Banks in the World for 2012

Banking is not a new phenomenon in the world. It has a history of its evolution and what we see nowadays has been carved out by advancement of technology. The traces of modern banking can be seen in 14th century Europe. The term bank is said to be derived from European languages including English, French, Italian and German. So whole of European languages contributed to coin the word. Present day Banks perform series of functions that are different from past banking. Before opening an account, customer wants to check the reliability of that bank so we have list of top 10 trustworthy banks for 2012.

10. Citibank

Citibank is a worldwide financial service by Citigroup. Its head office in New York but it operates internationally through almost 3,000 branches in the world. Citibank is now celebrating 50 years of its service in Pakistan and it is highly popular in India where it has over 700 ATM machines.

9. Credit Agricole

At the beginning of 21st century, this bank was very new to the world of banking but gained popularity through reliable service and professionalism. The bank now operates in more than 60 countries through over 1.5 million employees.

8. Standard Chartered

Standard Chartered is a British bank but it earns more from those parts of world that are not considered to be good for banking. Its major earnings come from Asia and Africa. With employees number less than 1 million it has more than 1700 branches worldwide.

7. Barclays Bank

Barclays Bank has been offering financial services since the beginning of modern day banking. It is an English bank and has good relations with sports played in United Kingdom as it sponsors English Premier League. It is operating in more than 50 countries through more than 5,000 branches.

6. The Royal Bank of Scotland

The bank has been serving since 1727 and now it has about 1.5 million employees working mainly in the branches of Scotland and United Kingdom. The bank is expanding day by day in terms of its branches and clients from all over the world.


HSBC has more than 99 million customers who are being served by almost 3 million employees of the bank working in 7,500 branches of half of the world. The headquarter of HSBC is located in London.

4. Bank of America

The number of employees of Bank of America is almost touching 3 million. The largest bank of United States. The bank began to serve in 1998 when the merger of two Swiss banks took place. The head office of Bank of America is located in Charlotte.

3. UBS

UBS was known as Union Bank of Switzerland till 1998 and was second largest bank of Switzerland but it merged with another Swiss bank, Swiss Bank Corporation, to get a higher rank. The bank now serves more than 50 countries of the world including most of European countries.

2. BNP Paribas

The bank began to serve the world in 2012 with its headquarter in Paris. In just 10 years of global banking, this bank has employed more than 2 million people which is highest number in terms of bank employees for any French bank. France and Belgium are the major share holders of the bank.

1. Deutsche Bank AG

It is mainly a German bank with its head office in Frankfurt but it has been serving the whole world for more than 140 years. The bank holds offices in most of the metropolitan parts of the world especially Europe. At the end of first decade of 21st century, the bank had over one million employees. Deutsche Bank AG has been declared as the best bank for 2012.

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