Top 10 Tallest Women in the World

To be tall is very attractive but excess of everything is bad because too much height is result of any disease. People just above average height look decent but when someone crosses the limits then it becomes rather difficult for him to adjust in the society. The average height of men is more than that of women but this list takes into account the height of women and shows you top 10 tallest women of the world by 2012. The photos of tallest ladies have been shown against their respective names.

10. Svetlana Singh


Svetlana Singh is tallest Indian female with the height of 7’2″ married a man 6’7″ tall and gave birth to baby who at the age of 3 years was about 5″ tall.

9. Malgorzata Dydek


Basketball needs some of those girls as Malgorzata Dydek was. She belonged a family of tallest people on the earth. She died last year at the age of 37 with the height of 7’2″.

8. Zainab Bibi


Pakistan’s tallest women is Zainab Bibi and her height made her leave her homeland. So, she shifted to Britain where she works now to earn her livings and her height is 7’2″.

7. Maria Feliciana Santo


Maria Feliciana Santo, a Brazilian lady with the height of 7’4″, gets 7th position in the list of tallest women in the world. She was normal in her early years of life but after reaching the age of 10 her growth rate of became very high.

6. Sandy Allen


Sandy Allen attained the height of 7’7″ which made her tallest living female till her death in 2008. She is the tallest female in the history of Unites States.

5. Yao Defen


With the height of 7’8″, Yao Defen stands in the list of tallest women at 5th rank. She suffers from a disease and for one’s armament she is from China.

4. Katia D’avila Rodrigues


This woman had recently been discovered by a Brazilian newspaper but she died in December, 2011 and at that time her height was 7’10″.

3. Jane Bunford


Jane Bunford holds the record to be the tallest British lady. She had a height of 7’10″ when she died. Her height grew with an accident which kept on increasing till her death at the age of 28.

2. Zeng Jinlian


Chinese people usually have short stature but this woman surprised the world with height of 8’2″ from China. She was in teenage when she met death.

1. Trijntje Keever


So we have Trijntje Keever as the tallest woman in the world ever. She died of cancer at very young age. She got a height of 8’4″ which no one female has attained in the history of mankind.

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  1. Lalina says:

    Hey , Yao Defen is 7’8″ long so she should be on Number 1. As she is the tallest women in the list you described. Kindly correct ..!!:P

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