Top 10 Most Popular Sports in the World

There are multiple purposes behind playing any sports but one thing common in all the sports is the liking of people. Some people instead of playing, watch sports through satellite which determines the popularity of sports. Playing sports is one thing and watching it on TV is another thing so we are focusing on viewership of sports to determine the most popular sports of the world by 2012. The list contains sports played by two or more than two which means this list does not include athletics. Let’s have look at top 10 most popular sports of the world by 2012.

10. Golf


Golf is considered to the game of the richest because is the most costliest sports in the world. It is highly popular in United States which has about 20,000 golf courses. The number of golf courses in Europe is far less than Unites which relates the story of popularity of Golf in Unites States.

9. Rugby


Rugby is a form of football that was invented in England and named after Rugby School located in England. The originating country of Rugby has lot of supporters of this game which is played in two formats called Rugby Union and Rugby League that have similarities as well as differences.

8. Volley Ball


Volley Ball is a six players game which is highly popular in India and Pakistan where it is played in every village at evening but Unites States takes lead in the matter of popularity. This game was invented in Unites States also. Volley Ball can also be enjoyed at beach but not in water.

7. Hockey


Hockey is not much popular in Unites States but all the European countries have developed the taste of Hockey. Although it is national game of India and Pakistan yet it is second most popular sports in sub-continent after Cricket.

6. Table Tennis


One of the fastest games of the world where one must have sharp reflexes and Chinese are up to the task. It is the national game of People’s Republic of China and Chinese players have made their nation feel proud on it’s national game because most of notable tennis players are from China.

5. Basketball


Basketball is an American invention which requires more than average height to be able to participate in Basketball. NBA is the highly popular event where thirty professional teams compete for the title. Out of thirty teams, only one team is from Canada and the rest belongs to Unites States.

4. Baseball


Baseball is very much similar to Cricket. It is an interesting observation that the most of Baseball fans live in Unites States, Japan, Korea, Canada , Cuba and Mexico where Cricket is not so widely played. Baseball is played nation wide in United States as it is national game of United States.

3. Tennis


The modern game of Tennis which we call lawn tennis was developed in England. Tennis is not a national game of any high profile country but it has fans all around the world. The game has gained popularity in females who find it as a best sporting career in Tennis.

2. Cricket


Cricket has developed vastly with the invention of T20 because the game completes in less than 4 hours. Other formats of Cricket require more time so it was need of the hour to cut down the time period to develop the interest of people in Cricket. It is national game of Australia that has won ICC World Cup four times till now.

1. Football


The whole world agrees that Football is the most popular sports of the world because it requires a ball and eleven players per side to begin the game so it is equal opportunities for the rich and the poor. It is the national game of England but equally popular in other countries of Europe and Unites States. The game of Football is not so lengthy that is the reason of it’s popularity in whole world.

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9 Responses to “Top 10 Most Popular Sports in the World”

  1. Trevor says:

    Just a quick correction… was invented by a canadian ( james naismith ) not an american though he was in america when he did it.

  2. cambell says:

    I am a die-hard & radical fan of cricket from India. I always loved this game from my childhood. But some people used to say that cricket is limited only within a few nations. But recently I came to know that international cricket council has reached to a status of 114-member nations. I was amazed to find that. Now I am more amazed to find that its the 2nd most popular sport in the world. Cricket has recently qualified for Asian Games. There has been also talks of getting a chance in the Olympics. Although I love soccer, but still I hope that cricket would overtake all other games within next 20 years.

    • TAUSEEN says:


  3. Super says:

    “Football is the national game of England” ??

    I thought Cricket is the national game of England !

  4. minhaz says:

    Cricket has been listed in no. 2 due to it’s popularity in the entire south Asia but still many people from europe and America are unfamiliar with it.

    • Kay says:

      Football will never be overtaken, and also the reason why football is popular is because its the most demanding sport simply because you play it with your feet. Your brain reacts slower with your feet than it does with any other part of the body. Therefore football is hardest tactically, the richest, and most played sport in the whole world bar none. Its popularity has nothing to do with the length… :/

  5. Gogo says:

    Basketball should definitely be higher on this list than baseball. The NBA is not the only league, there are leagues all over the world in every continent.

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