Most Dangerous Cities to Live in 2012

The decision to live in a city asks questions regarding security and standard of life in that city. No one wishes to live in a dangerous city. Terrorism, anarchy, lawlessness, civil wars, street crimes and many other reasons make our world unsafe today. No moment passes but a human being is murdered or deprived of his belongings or even deprived of his life. This dangerous game is on in almost all over the world with varying degrees. Recent killings in Norway and unrest in UK over the death of a young man are the examples in view. Here is the list of 10 cities that are considered to be the most dangerous in the world. This ranking is made keeping in view the situation of law and order and the crimes that are committed there.

10. Karachi

Country: Pakistan

Due to the recent target killings and terrorist activities, Karachi has faced the worst law and order situation. Apart from the street crimes, the average of killed people a day was 23 from September last year to March this year. Apparently safe at times, Karachi can be unpredictably quiet dangerous.

9. Rio de Janeiro

Country: Brazil

This metropolitan as well as capital of Brazil is getting better and better as far as the law and order is concerned, but mainly due to the unscrupulous size of the city the murder rate in it is still similar to the war zone.

8. Detroit

Country: United States of America

This city of USA is very much unlike the other cities of America. Though not as dangerous as Rio de Janeiro, yet it is one of the most dangerous cities in the world. The ratio of murders in this city is 41.30 per 100,000 people. This is probably the most dangerous city of USA.

7. Grozny

Country: Chechnya

An open arena of gangsters, terrorists, warlords, street criminals and other bandits, Grozny is the most unsafe city particularly for those who do not know the dynamics of the city. Though authentic data is not available, yet the murder rate in Grozny is one of the highest in the world.

6. New Orleans

Country: United States of America

Rightly called the murder capital of USA, New Orleans is the most anarchic and murderous city of USA. Apart from the street crime, this city observes more than 53 people murdered every month. The situation has improved but it is still very far to go.

5. Mogadishu

Country: Somalia

The whole country is in disorder but Mogadishu is the most affected city of Somalia. The only thing that hampers it to top this list is absence of any authentic data about the city. Civil Wars and faction combats are the major reasons for this country being one of the most dangerous in the world.

4. Baghdad

Country: Iraq

Tough situation has improved after the withdrawal of American troops, yet the situation is not under control as yet. Last year’s unrest over the issues of P.M Malki is the prime example how this city is simmering with underlying unrest.  In that unrest, more than 200 civilians lost their lives.

3. Capetown

Country: South Africa

Capital city of South Africa is one of the most dangerous cities in the world. More than fifty murders happen in South Africa, more than half of these murders happen only in Capetown. The other major crimes that happen thousand times in a year are sexual offenses, robberies, dacoities and frauds.

2. Caracas

Country: Venezuela

This capital of Venezuela is full of poverty, drug dealers and other gangsters. Such factors make this city one of the most dangerous cities in the world. The murder ratio here per day is no less than 50 in 1000 per month. This is the second most dangerous city in the world second only to Kabul.

1. Kabul

Country: Afghanistan

After the invasion of America in 2001, Kabul has been the most dangerous countries in the world. The on going war and civil war, external and internal terrorist activities and sheer absence of law and order has made this city practically a hell on earth. According to a rough estimate, more than 765 civilians are killed per year only in Kabul.

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