Best Remote Control Cars of 2012

Kids love toys and especially remote control toys. As we are proceeding through time we see industry becoming modernized to a great extent. So is being modernized the toys industry. Among all the toys the remote control toys are the central point of attraction for all types of kids. Kids whether be big ones or the small ones love remote control helicopters, planes, bikes and cars. What makes  RC car better; it is its style, its look, its speed and its remote control range. RC cars are not only speedy but a few of them are designed for some funny and amazing stunts. Playing with a RC car feels like playing the video games. You always want to collect them all. And thus the fun and excitement never ends. Here are the top 10 best remote control cars of 2012.


10. Tonka XT Ricochet Tricksters R/C Cars

These cars are designed for the kids of ages 6-9. These cars are made up with two sided design. If the car just flips over accidentally it will still keep on moving. Isn’t that cool? These cars are also provided with a special stunt called ramp stunt which is also built in. This car stands at number 10. Its price in the market is around 18-20 dollars.

9. Kid Galaxy R/C Bump ‘n Chuck Bumper Cars

As the name indicates “bump and chunk” these cars are fun and just fun. They have the combination of the remote control bumper car action option. This piece just hits the opponent’s car and that car goes into “coma” more precisely. This toy stands at number 9. Its prices start from 9.99$ to 35$.

8. Disney Cars Air Hogs R/C Cars with Moving Eyes

These cars are designed for kids 8-10 years old. These are the same familiar faces from 2011 series. The air hogs matter and then the lightening McQueen and now Disney presents air hogs with moving eyes keeping in view the characteristics of Disney cars 2 the movie. Comprising such amazing tricks and stunts these cars stand at number 8 among the best RC cars of 2012. Its price in the market is $20 to $22.

7. Cyclaws R/C Vehicle

These cars were a hit back in 2011 and 2010 and still they keep on attaining a place in the hot list of RC cars. They are designed for kids 9-11 years old. The claws are far more interesting while functioning than you can imagine. And the car automatically transforms into claws. These claws are used to do flips and other stunts like wheelie. For more information on price go to Amazon Toys.

6. Hot Wheels Disney Cars 2 R/C Lightning McQueen Car

Disney maintains its place on number six with the unique hot wheels lightening McQueen. This car is designed for kids from 3-5 years old. As it is designed for very small kids, so all the precautions are taken carefully. Its remote only contains one button, though the lightening keeps on moving around it to and fro for special effects. Easy to use and market price is 30$.

5. Maisto R/C Rock Crawler Vehicle

Designed for kids from 8-15 years old, this crawler vehicle stands at number five. These cars do take some extra use off the road where it goes all bumpy jumpy. These cars have dual motors and the low gearing ability. You will understand why this car at number 5 is when you get to drive it on a pretty rough terrain. The market price of these cars is around $35 to $55.

4. Kid Galaxy Morphibians R/C Vehicles

These toys are designed for kids of ages 5-9 years and their market price ranges from 28-30$. These cars stand at number four for the lower price and being a morphibian. The name morphibian describes that the toy can move on both on land and in water. The skins of the cars also make them different like a shark, a killer while whale, or a rover etc.

3. Kid Galaxy My 1st R/C Vehicles

Kid galaxy just takes the lead again and again in the hot list, only one name you will see and that is Kids Galaxy. My 1st R/C indicates that it is designed for kids of ages 2-4.There is a number of toys in this group but the GoGo fire truck is the most popular. The remote control is made easy to use for the small hands. This is the best choice for the kids who want to participate in the RC action.

2. Hot Wheels R/C Nitro Speeders

These cars are designed for kids of ages 8-10. These cars are also ironically called as the biggest small things in the world of R/C. The remote control is user friendly and easy to use; the special Nitro Speeders make these cars special. Their market price is from 17-22 dollars.

1. Air Hogs Hyperactives Pro R/C Cars

“Air hogs” takes the lead in the race of making up best RC car of the year. The most amazing thing about these cars is their speed and correction when they topple. That is why these cars just keep on moving and never stop. Moreover they are provided with special tires for indoor usage and outdoor usage. The price of these cars is $70 to $90. The RC cars from this category are the best for kids to play with this year.

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