Top 10 Cleanest Countries in the World

Cleanliness is closer to God. Many of us have heard or read this before. Importance of cleanliness could be understand by having knowledge of how it helps us. It prevents us from many diseases on one hand and on the other hand it adds beauty to everything. Beautiful countries are always clean. So, try to keep your country clean to make it look beautiful. Below is a list of top 10 cleanest countries in the world. These are considered to be the cleanest countries in the world that are best for residence for its atmosphere.

10. Canada


Canada always remains in the list of cleanest cities of the world. Its sanitation system is remarkably appreciated all over the world. Literacy rate of Canada is also high that is the reason Canadians maintain their country. Canada has a lot of forests that give a hint to its beauty and clean nature.

9. Denmark


According to surveys, Denmark is ranked as the cleanest place in Europe. Denmark’s environment is walk friendly. Fresh and clean air is the main advantage for the people of Denmark. They are using many new means through which trash can be converted into energy.

8. Hawaii, United States

You would be surprised to see a state of United States in the list of cleanest countries of the world but it has been included in the list because United States could not make its name in the list in general. Hawaii’s main advantage is its clean environment and atmosphere. It has A grade regarding ozone rating. According to a research, there are some ares in Hawaii that do not have even a particle of dust.

7. Australia

Australia is although densely populated area but the posses the most clean environment. Every year travelers from all over the world appreciate its beauty and cleanliness .Australia is one of the most affordable countries in the world.

6. New Zealand

Amsterdam and wellington are two most cleanest cities of New Zealand. Recycling processes are very famous of this country. There are very strict laws for the maintenance of this country. It is also known as the greenest area of the world.

5. Japan

Japan is the country of technology and evolution. Its roadway drainage system keeps the country clean and thus,the country is famous for its cleanliness. Due to its versatility and cleanliness tourists are attracted towards Japan.

4. Finland

Finland have said to have cleanest drinking water in the whole world. Finland is filled with cleanest departmental stores, beautiful schools and roads with lush green belts. They can avail cleanest transport facility even in second class train.

3. Norway

Norway is the second least populated area of Europe. It is famous for its cleanliness all over the world. Its one side is adjoined to North Atlantic Ocean which adds beauty and glory to it. They drink crystal clear water and their electricity is controlled by Hydro power plants.

2. Sweden

Sweden emerged as independent nation during the middle ages. It is 3rd largest country in Europe. Its official language is Swedish. It is a very calm and clean place on earth. Its climate varies from southern area to northern area.

1. Switzerland

Swiss confederation also known as Switzerland is a place like heaven on earth. It is geographically divided into three parts: the Alps, the Swiss plateau and the Jura. It claims to be the most beautiful place and ranked as top most cleanest country in the world.

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