Countries with Lowest Literacy Rates in 2012

Literacy rate determines the future of the country. To have lowest literacy rate is not an honor for country. Countries with lowest literacy rates have to find out the problems of people and take necessary actions to literate people. It is really a fact that in this world of competition the fittest will survive and education plays an important role in nation’s growth. Countries included in this list are under developed. Most of these countries are unheard and their flags are also unseen so flags have been part of this post. It requires an effort from these nations to make their nation progressive by improving literacy rate otherwise they will have face the music. Here is the list of top 10 countries with lowest literacy rate in 2012.


 10. Senegal

Literacy Rate of Senegal: 39.3%

9. Mozambique

Literacy Rate of Mozambique: 38.7%

8. Ethiopia

Literacy Rate of Ethopia: 34.9%

7. Sierra Leone

Literacy Rate of Sierra Leone: 34.8%

6. Benin

Literacy Rate of Benin: 34.7%

5. Guinea

Literacy Rate of Guinea: 29.5%

4. Niger

Literacy Rate of Niger: 28.7%

3. Chad

Literacy Rate of Chad: 25.7%

2. Mali

Literacy Rate of Mali: 24%

1. Burkina Faso

Literacy Rate of Burkina Faso: 23.6%

The lowest literacy rate for any country in the world is 23.6% which is extremely low. The difference between lowest literacy rate and the country at 10th position in the list is less than 17 which makes you guess how backward these countries are in the world of technology. About 60-70 percent of population of these countries is illiterate so they have nothing to do which technological advancement of 21st century. The point is to make sure that most of the population knows how to read and write then a nation can pave their ways towards progress. We hope that next year there will be better literacy rates for these nations.

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