Highest Paid Sportsmen in 2012

Sports is one of the best ways of advertisement and advertisement involves money so sportsmen are paid more and more to get more advertisement. Highest paid sportsmen are those who are popular and professional. Companies pick these sportsmen as their brand ambassadors and in this way they get their products popular throughout the world wherever they go. For this very reason, we see lots of brand names on T-shirts of most popular sportsmen. This is not the only source of income for them. They play for different clubs and get paid for contracts. The pay of these highest paid sportsmen is mentioned against their names respectively. The earnings of these players is calculated for last 12 months. Here is the list of top 10 highest paid sportsmen of 2012 in the world.

10. Floyd Mayweather

Earning in Last 12 Months: $40 million


He is an American boxer who has not been defeated any boxer in his career. He also made an entry in World Wrestling Entertainment but his focus has always been on boxing for which he is in highest paid sportsmen of the world in 2012.

9. Peyton Manning

Earning in Last 12 Months: $42 million


Peyton Manning is a well known NFL player. He belongs to sports family that has contributed NFL in a great way. last year, in July, he signed a contract worth $90 million and this year he signed a deal with Denver Broncos.

8. Cristiano Ronaldo

Earning in Last 12 Months: $42 million


It is fourth list of 10 Top Ten where Ronaldo has been listed. He is a powerful striker of soccer and plays for Real Madrid where goal scoring rate is amazing.

7. David Beckham

Earning in Last 12 Months: $46 million


David Beckham, the highest paid soccer player in 2012, gets 7th position here. He is very passionate footballer who wants to remain associated with football throughout his life.

6. Phil Mickelson

Earning in Last 12 Months: $48 million


Here comes the sports of the richest, Golf, which has the ability to make people rich too. Phil Mickelson is a left handed golfer who earns by association with major companies of United States including Rolex and Barclays.

5. Kobe Bryant

Earning in Last 12 Months: $50 million


Kobe Bryant has been made part of covers of almost all popular sports magazines in recent years. He has a good height which gives him an extra edge as a Basketball player. He has won almost all the major awards of Basketball.

4. Roger Federer

Earning in Last 12 Months: $52 million


Roger Federer is a Swiss tennis star who has grabbed major tennis titles many times. He remained at number 1 rank for more than 5 years. He won Wimbledon as well as US Open for 5 times consecutively. He also owns gold medal in Beijing Olympics.

3. Lebron James

Earning in Last 12 Months: $53 million


Lebron James is the highest paid Basketball player of this year which yearly earning of $53 million. He has more height than Kobe Bryant. He is very effective guard for Miami Heat. He has been NBA Most valuable Player three times and his value as a player has never decreased that is why he is paid too much amount.

2. Tiger Woods

Earning in Last 12 Months: $58 million


We can find photo of Tiger Woods playing golf at the age of 2 years. As soon as he started playing golf professionally, he began to win major championships. He uses Nike equipments while playing the game his sponsors give him the amount he deserves as he is the best golfer in the world.

1. Manny Pacquiao

Earning in Last 12 Months: $67 million


The student who was dropped out of school for not paying school expenses is now the highest paid sportsman in the world. After establishing himself, he wanted to stand for a cause. He participated in elections and won it by a heavy margin. He had an acting career too but he is recognized as politician and boxer.

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