Top 10 Fastest Animals in the World

When we talk about fastest animals of the world we should remember that it is nature’s rule that only the strongest one lives in jungle and the weaker has to die. The same is the case with human beings too. Competition is everywhere, in every field of life. So it is the necessity that one has to be fast. When we think of the word fastest, things that come to our mind are either jets or cars or bikes. But which are the animals who are the fastest in the world of jungle. Most people are familiar with this fact that cheetah is fastest animal on this planet. But there are others too. Here is the list of the top 10 fastest animals of the world. Most of them belong to the cat family. Indeed, this family has the best predators of the world. So to hunt down their prey they are blessed with the quality of running fast. Well, let’s take a look on the list and see if it surprises you. The top 10 fastest animals in the world have been listed under.

10. Gray Fox


The tenth fastest land animal in this list is the gray fox. Its average speed is 42 miles per hour. Looking at its size it seems impossible that this animal would stand among the fastest animals but it does. They are found in Canada, Northern Columbia and in North America. It can climb up the trees and it digs so well that hunts its prey very easily. Commonly, gray fox hunts moles and mice.

9. Coyote


With an average speed of 43 miles per hour, Coyote stands on the 9th position among the fastest animals on this land. This is such a creature that won’t run much for food and thus they can compromise on smaller preys like squirrels, rabbits and mice too. That is ironic, being one of the fastest animals and still not likes running.

8. Cape Hunting Dog


It is also called as the wild hunting dog. Its average speed is 44 miles per hour. Most likely these dogs form up a group to hunt. Thus they prove to be much dangerous than the above two. Their amazing running capability and marvelous speed makes them stand at number 8.

7. Elk


Finally a member of the deer family beats three of the cat family members in running. Their average speed is 45 miles per hour. They are found in Eastern Asia and mostly is North America and its average life is estimated to be 10 to 13 years maximum.

6. Quarter Horse


This land animal is known as quarter horse as he takes the lead from its competitors in the area of a quarter mile or less. Its speed is 48 miles per hour and thus it is used in races. It can be found all over the planet.

5. Lion


Here is the king of Jungle, the Lion. Its average speed is 51 miles per hour and like mostly cat family members lions also like to hunt in groups. They are considered to be the best hunters and one of the most dangerous species of all. When you see in the eyes of a lion, all you see is terror.

4. Wildebeest


Their average speed is equal to that of lions i.e. 51 miles per hour. They also rely on team work and they have a life time of around 17-21 years. At many events with the power of unity they have defeated lions. But when it is about speed, they can even beat lions in this regard too reaching up to the limit of 52 miles per hour.

3. Springbok


It is a beautiful herbivore with a speed of 56 miles per hour. They don’t run they jump just like a kangaroo. They eat plants and extract their moisture and thus it never makes them thirsty. Once they feel danger it is very hard to catch them.

2. Pronghorn Antelope


This is another member of the deer family beating most of the cats in this list of top 10 fastest animals. Pronghorn antelope has huge lungs and heart and that gives him much stamina. Moreover its speed is 61 miles per hour thus only the fastest can catch them. Sadly, they live only for 9-12 years.

1. Cheetah


I know this is expected, but this is the fact that this wildcat is the fastest land animal on this planet; though the drawback is that it cannot maintain its speed for more than 10 minutes. That is why it keeps an eye on its prey and waits for perfect time. And then, bang, the target is dead. The speed of cheetah is 71 miles per hour which makes Cheetah the fastest animal of the world.

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