Top 10 Most Expensive Houses in America

Well, this is one of the most interesting and very informative topics everyone would like to read. Now, let’s define a house, what is a house actually. A house is a place where after all day’s tiresome work a man can come and relax. So most importantly a house should be luxurious enough to make you relax and comfortable. Every house is built for several common purposes which are to sleep, and do certain personal activities when it is just you and your family. But its other purpose and the basic purpose is relaxation. And when we talk about comfort and luxury we see that enormous amount of money is spent in the whole wide world for personal desires and luxury. With luxury comes happiness and satisfaction. For this purpose to be fulfilled people spend a lot of money to make their house peaceful and luxurious. America is the strongest economy of the world. There always is an American in the top 10 richest people of the world. So let’s have a look at America’s 10 most expensive homes.

10. Madison Ave Townhouse


Built keeping in mind the historic British architecture of 17th century Madison Ave townhouse stands on number 10. It has this classic touch in the building that makes it unique and different from other houses. The market sale price nominated for this house is seventy two (72) million Dollars. The house has a seven story building containing 10 master bedrooms with attached bathrooms and has a stylish central staircase and elevator. The area of the house is 12,000 square foot.

9. Former Julius Forstmann House


Again a masterpiece of New York stands at number 9 with a classical touch in architecture. The house is a five story building having several bedrooms and bathrooms. Whole of the building is furnished with Italian marble and it has a unique and eye-catching marble staircase. The staircase has hand curved beautiful moldings that make it very attractive. The market price of this house is nominated to be 75 million dollars. This expensive piece of residence comprises on an area of 21,000 square feet.

8. Bel Air


Located on west on Los Angeles in the state of California, is a beautiful residence known as Bel air. And it stands at number 8 among America’s most expensive houses. The market price of this house is estimated to be 85 million dollars. Of course the house is so expensive so it must contain a huge area and that is true. The house is on an area of 7 acres. Such a huge area indeed has many beautiful lawns that soothe the eyes. It has 12 master bedrooms and 10 bathrooms. The house has a swimming pool, a tennis court, a giant atrium and beautiful curving hallways.

7. Frank Woolworth Estate


New York is back on the lead. NY’s Frank Woolworth state stands at number 7. The price of this house is 90 million dollars. It comprises of an area around 18,000 square feet. It has 10 bedrooms and 12 bathrooms. Beautiful marble and wooden furnishing from inside, makes it beautiful. The estate has a library, an elevator of course, a swimming pool and a dining room for more than 50 guests.

6. Hilliandale


The house is surrounded by beautiful hills and greenery that makes it more beautiful. It stands in the Connecticut state in Stamford. The Price of this house is 95 million dollars. And it comprises on an area of 20,000 square foot. It has 8 bedrooms and 10 bathrooms. Though there is greenery around yet the owner of the house has maintained hedged and well manicured gardens. It also has a tennis court and a swimming pool.

5. Versailles


This house has a price of 100 million dollars. It is located in Windermere in Florida State. The area of this house is 10 acres. It has 13 bedrooms and 23 bathrooms. There are 3 swimming pools, a tennis court, a basketball court, a grand hall, a 12 ft aquarium, a movie theater, 2 beautiful staircases and a bar.

4. Tranquility


This beautiful house is in the State of Nevada in Lake Tahoe. The price of this house is around 100 million dollars. The area of the house is 210 acres. Yes it is huge. The number of bedrooms is unknown but the house has a horse stable, a gym, an indoor basketball court, an art studio, a 2 par-3 golf holes, and has 16 car garages. So now you know why it stands at number four.

3. Jacobean Manor


Among natural beauty stands this luxurious residential piece in Greenwich, Connecticut. The price of this house is 125 million dollars comprising an area of 40 acres. It has 14 bedrooms and 13 bathrooms. With an indoor swimming pool and a car parking for more than 100 cars this house stands on number 3 among America’s most expensive residences.

2. Fleur de lys


This wonderful residence is in Beverly Hills, California. It has an area of 35,000 square foot. The price of this house is estimated to be 125 million dollars. It has an indoor swimming pool and a car parking for more than 80 cars. It has 12 bedrooms and 15 bathrooms. It also contains a 50 seats screening room making it stand at number two in the list of top 10 most expensive houses in United States of America.

1. The Manor


In Holmby Hills, California stands the most expensive house of all of America. It is marvelous. A dream house everyone wants to live in. Its price is 150 million dollars. It exists on an area of 4.6 acres. The number of bedrooms is unknown but it has a library, a gym, a media room, bowling alley and a bar. It has a car parking for more than 100 cars for the guests. Indeed the marble furnishing and the wood work in the house makes it to deserve number one place in the list of most expensive houses of America.

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