Top 10 Best Intelligence Agencies of the World – 2012

Intelligence agencies, as the name itself implies, are the governmental agencies that gather essential information about the defense of their countries through hidden means and resources and make intelligent strategies to avoid any potential catastrophe in their countries. Particularly in the days of Cold War and Soviet-Afghan War, it became necessary for the governments to establish such agencies as may be able to do the jobs that cannot be done by the military and government openly. It is, however interesting that the spy system was popular even the days of Great Game. In today’s multi polar world there are many intelligence agencies that are doing commendable but thankless jog for their respective governments. Thankless because their successes are not celebrated and their heroes are often unsung. When the information about such agencies is so top-secret it is always very difficult to rank them. But we have ranked the top ten intelligence agencies of the world according to their performance for their countries in different fields irrespective of the state of war and peace. Here is the list of top 10 best Intelligence Agencies of the World in 2012.


10. CSIS, Canada

Basically a civil agency formulated on the patterns of CIA and MI6, this intelligence agency ranks at number 10 in success rate and formulation of anticipated defense policies. It is also linked with the police and military which probably the reason for its being comprehensive in its scope.

9. MSS, China

Basically a security agency, MSS has been vested into extensive powers according to the criminal procedure of the state. It is also probably the greatest foreign intelligence agency of China. More than 120 agents working in different regions of the world is a proof of its wide range and scope.

8. FSB, Russia

Created in 1995 the FSB has more than 350000 employees on its list. It is the top agency of Russia that is responsible for counter-intelligence, counter-terrorism and internal peace and order of Russia. All law enforcement institutions work in collaboration with the agency which gives the latter enormous powers and jurisdiction.

7. BND, Germany

BND is basically a foreign agency that works as a potential warning system in the state and outside as well. International terrorism, nuclear proliferation and international crimes are the areas where BND’s services are more conspicuous. It also gathers essential information before hand and makes strategies accordingly.

6. DGSE, Germany

Directorate General for External Security works as a complementary wing of Directorate General for Internal Security but is comprehensive in its jurisdiction. Counter-intelligence, paramilitary operations abroad and helping the internal wing for counter terrorism are the major areas where it performs its duties. More than five thousand people are at the list of its employees.

5. RAW, India

Research and Analysis Wing is the top most intelligence agency of India. Created in 1968, RAW has been very active in both peace and war particularly in Pakistan and China. The main responsibilities of RAW include gathering information about the foreign governments and advising the government to make its policies accordingly.

4. MI6, United Kingdom

MI6 is one of the most efficient and sophisticated intelligence agencies in the world. It is known worldwide for its intelligent, daring and proactive agents throughout the world. Established in 1909, this is one of the oldest existing intelligence agencies of the world. MI6 and CIA are responsible for toppling down many regimes particularly in Africa.

3. MOSSAD, Israel

Mossad is the third most effective intelligence agency of the world. It is basically a civilian agency but most of its employees are the ex-military and defense personnel. Mossad’s wing by the name of Special Operations Division is responsible for many assassinations and sabotages throughout the world.

1. ISI, Pakistan

Established soon after the creation of the country as an independent state, ISI has been one of the most efficient intelligence agencies of the world. ISI has been actively involved with CIA in different operations against Al-Qaida and Taliban throughout the world. It is indeed the protector of internal and external security of its country.

1. CIA, United States

CIA is undoubtedly the most efficient, intelligent, active and effective intelligence agency of the world. CIA was formulated in 1947 with clearly stated objectives- propaganda and public relations, covert operations and gathering necessary information- but it is observed that the area of its influence is much wider than is stated. Currently it is busy in different operations against terrorism of Al-Qaida and Taliban throughout the world.

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