Top 10 Hottest DJ Girls in 2012

Disc Jockey, usually called DJ, is a person who plays music for others. Hot DJ girls are not those who play hottest songs but have sexiest look. To be a DJ can be anyone’s passion but most of the people choose it as profession nowadays. The history of this profession is not too old. DJ works at radio station as well as in clubs. It all depends on voice for DJ and we often see that some of them are very good singers and actors. Almost all the female DJ have their official websites. Here are top 10 hottest DJ girls of 2012 with photos.

10. Havana Brown


The first lady to start with is Havana Brown at 10th position in the list of hottest DJ girls of 2012. She is Australian by birth and still lives there. She compiled 6 albums by the name of Crave. She won the award of Favourite DJ of 2011.

9. Claudia Cazacu


No other DJ is as popular on Facebook as Claudia Cazacu is. With almost 50,000 fans at Facebook she stands in highly ranked celebrities of the world but what makes people like her at Facebook. It is just because people like her beauty and sexy look.

8. Kellie Acreman


Kellie Acreman is an active member at twitter with 7,500 followers. She is named as UK’s leading DJ for her hot look. She came to this field in 2008 after having acting career which was successful too like this one.

7. Miss Lisa


Miss Lisa, an American hip hop artist, is not a new DJ. As it is said that old is gold so that is the case with Miss Lisa. Her experience as disc jockey makes her more popular and people come to see hot model on the stage.

6. Angie Vu Ha


This model has almost 10,000 followers at world’s best social networking site. She is Asia’s sexiest model with 24″ waist and 5’8″ height. She will be performing on 30th of June in Singapore and her official website is also scheduled to be launched in June.

5. Tamara Sky


Tamara Sky is from Puerto Rico who became Miss Puerto Rico Bikini. She impressed the world through her dashing performance in The Girls Next Door which is a popular reality TV show.

4. Lisa Kensington


Lisa lives in United States nowadays and has earned a reputation in the field of electronic dance and music. She has performed in all parts of the world especially India and Asia. She uses twitter but does not have too many followers there.

3. Colleen Shannon


She is an American DJ and known as The World’s Sexiest DJ as it is her nickname. Despite of 34 years of age, she performs like a teenager on the stage.

2. Juicy M


She is model, singer, composer, producer and DJ but here we will talk about her work as DJ. She belongs to Ukraine and she has been awarded as The Best Newcomer DJ in 2006. She is usually seen in the clubs of Ukraine and Russia.

1. Mari Ferrari


Mari Ferrari has almost 5,500 Facebook fans which means that she is very much popular in social networks. She is Russian but known all over the world for her stunning look and bold acts. She started it as a profession in 2007 and now after 5 years of work she is the hottest DJ girl in the world.

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