Top 10 Best Selling Gadgets of 2012

When people hear the word “gadgets”, they think of all kinds of different things. Many, think of electronics and devices. That is what this particular list will be comprised of: the best selling electronics, devices and gadgets of this year. Here goes the list of top 10 best selling gadgets of 2012.

1. Playstation Vita


This is a hand held gaming system that has upgraded from the previous version in the Sony PSP. While the games are not backwards compatible for this popular new system, there is digital space on the micro SD card for some popular PSP titles to be played on the new and improved Vita.

2. Apple iPad 3


While this was just a speculated name for the device, it was actually just called the iPad again. This was a partial reboot. It took bits and pieces that customers were unsatisfied with and made them better. Essentially, this is one of the best tablets available. It is widely popular because it is user friendly, powerful, versatile and fun.

3. Canon Powershot A2200


This impressive camera boasts an unheard of 14.1 megapixels. This means clean and crisp pictures unlike anything you have ever taken yourself before. It can automatically determine among 32 presets the ideal conditions for creating the best picture. Apart from also recording in 720p high definition, the Powershot is also able to widen its shot with an impressive 4x wide angle optical zoom.

4. Apple iPhone 4S


This was actually released in the last couple of months of 2011. Its widely popular sale has made it one of the best selling devices for 2012 as well. It made this list because it continues to sell in high volumes every single month, as this is highly rated in terms of available smart phones. It wore this crown alone until the recent release of another rival product.

5. Samsung Galaxy S3


This product was able to knock Apple off the top of the pile for awhile. Its release in July had the top carriers scrambling for more units. They were selling out faster than the products could be shipped to replace them. The latest Galaxy has turned the ideas of the Apple OS being better than the Android OS around. In one smartphone, Samsung has leveled the playing field and created one of the highest selling for and highly demanded phones in some time.

6. Apple TV


Again this is not something that was necessarily released within this year, but its popularity seems to have taken off within this year exclusively. The third generation of the Apple TV dropped in June of 2012, and was highly regarded and well received. It certainly gave the Roku 2 XS a run for its money. This is a very similar set up to that of the Roku, though there are other styles as well. This allows for the streaming of content from iTunes, Netflix, YouTube and many more.

7. Roku 2 XS Player


This is likely slightly more popular than the Apple TV, though the numbers are very similar. There are specific features that the Roku offers that the Apple device does not. For one, the XS model offers a motion sensitive controller to allow the user to play games like Angry Birds. Choosing among 100+ channels of content is a pretty popular feature as well.

8. Kindle Fire


Again, this was a product that was released in the latter months of 2011, but saw much of its sales and widespread popularity throughout 2012. This was the latest e-reader from Amazon. While it was never specified a tablet, this does just about everything a tablet can (surf internet, stream video, and more) for a lower price tag.

The Last Two

The last two top selling electronics, gadgets and devices would be the Sharp Freestyle Aquos TVs which offer the impressive Sharp HD television experience in a portable version and the Motorola Droid Razr Maxx. This impressive device took everything good about the Droid Razr and improved on it, including all day battery life and a learning computer to recognize your voice and respond to your commands.

This post has been written by Michael Tiller who writes about technology and  finances. Find more about Tiller at

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