Top 10 Best Gaming Laptops of 2013

The craving of reaching the finish line in a game can only be understood by those who have the spirit of gaming in their blood; and when you are up to gaming you need high processors, high graphics 3d and the perfect sound card. With the passage of technology the need of getting more handy gaming machines is of 2013 maximizing. To all the gaming fans out there, here is the list of the top 10 gaming notebooks of 2013. They are the most handy, high 3d visual display and indeed the best gaming laptops of the year 2013. Have a look at world’s top 10 best gaming laptops.


10. Razer Blade RZ09-00830100-R3U1

Worth only $2499.00 and with a user rating of 7.4/10 Razer blade is ranked to be on number 10. The special feature of this machine is that it has a special gaming mode that switches off the Windows key. That way one wont accidentally leave any heated battles. But it doesn’t have an optical drive.

9. Toshiba Qosmio X875 Q7390

The worst thing about Toshiba Qosmio is this that its battery lasts only two hours but on the contrary high resolution display of 1080p and the refresh rate of 120 its theideall multimedia machine. Its worth $1790.00. The sleek design and user rating of 7.63/10 makes it at number 9 among the best gaming laptops of 2013.

8. Falcon Northwest DRX

Falcon Northwest DRX has a HDD of 750GB and has got 8GB RAM which indeed gives you plenty storage and virtual memory for great gaming experience. The cons are that its battery life is just one hour, a hefty price tag and its huge size. With a price of $3066 and user rating of 7.65/10 Falcon stands at number 8.

7. Origin Eon17-S

At number 7 among the best gaming laptops of 2013 is Eon 17-S with a price of $1548. It has 16Gb RAM, Radeon HD7970M video card and six hours of long battery. Its dual core i5 processor keeps its rating low as 7.9/10

6. Alienware M18x

Armed with a GTX 675M video card and coupled with 18-inches HD display M18x has a price of $2329. If it’s made for hardcore gaming it surely has to be bulky and it is. The user rating of 8/10 makes it stand at number 6.

5. Battalion 101 P170EM

This machine also has a GTX 675M and a 7.3 inches screen but what makes it at number 5 among the best gaming laptops and better than M18x is its price is just $1499. The con is its bland design. Its user rating is 8.7/10.

4. Digital Storm x17

The user rating of Digital storm is 8.73/10 because of its best graphic card in the market. Yet it is bulky and it’s bulkier than anyone want a gaming laptop to be. Its price in the market is $2605.

3. Asus G75VW

The best combination for hardcore gamers is heavy storage and virtual memory. And this gaming laptop is best at it. With a RAM of 16GB and a HDD of 750GB Asus G75VW gets the user rating of 9.08/10. But its drawback comes while coming to audio. Yet its in the budget, just for $1344.00.

2. MSI GT70 2351

The second best gaming laptop of 2013 is MSI GT70 worth only $2351.00. 16GB RAM and Nvidia GeForce GTX680M graphics card gives the gamers the best visual experience. The company only needs to focus on the support centers now. Its user rating is 9.25/10.

1. Alienware M17x R4-7263BK

And now the best gaming laptop of 2013 is here. The Alienware M17 as expected. Radeon 7970M video card and 120Hz LCD display makes the picture perfect. Moreover it is in the budget of everyone. It is just for $1630.00. But it has a video memory of 2Gb only. It has the user rating of 9.88/10 which makes it the most perfect and best gaming laptop of 2013.

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